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Product Description:


GNSS module with heading capability

* Dual antenna support for accurate and reliable heading & pitch or heading & roll

* Multi-constellation, multi-frequency

* Advanced anti-jamming, anti-spoofing solutions with AIM+ technology

* Industry-leading ultra-low power consumption

* Easy-to-integrate, optimized for automated assembly with the standard mosaic footprint

With dual-antenna input, mosaic-H provides precise and reliable heading combined with centimeter-level RTK positioning.

Dual antenna heading capabilities in such a small form factor opens the door to unmatched automation and navigation performance in both static and dynamic states combined with reduced power consumption.

With dual antenna GNSS, heading & pitch or heading & roll information is available immediately from the start, removing reliance on movement and helping initialization of INS solutions. It also provides an alternative to magnet-based heading sensors, which can be effected by metal.

AIM+ anti-jamming and RF spectrum monitoring system

The mosaic-H GPS/GNSS module features AIM+: Advanced Interference Monitoring and Mitigation, offers built-in protection against intentional and unintentional jamming and spoofing using a sophisticated system of sampling and mitigation mechanisms. In robotic devices neighboring electronics can produce RF radiation which interferes with GNSS signals. AIM+ offers protection against such interference resulting in faster set-up time and robust continuous operation.

GNSS+ technologies – top performance in challenging environments

Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM+) comprises fault detection mechanisms of the receiver at all the levels including the generation of measurements, quality control and navigation algorithms. Detected faulty measurements, which are typically caused by high multipath or active ionosphere, are removed from the solution.

Activity in the ionosphere is a problem for GNSS signals, from loss of RTK fix to total loss of signal lock. Having honed our skills, supporting applications in the most iono-active areas on Earth,  the result is IONO+: the most advanced protection against ionospheric disturbances to GNSS signals on any receiver.

Metal and large nearby structures can reflect GNSS signals and produce multipath. The APME+ system effectively disentangles direct and reflected signals enhancing both position and measurement quality. APME+ is bias free and, in line with Septentrio’s commitment to maximum configurability, can be disabled.

Easy-to-Integrate with an intuitive web app

mosaic-H GPS/GNSS receiver module with heading comes with fully documented interfaces, commands and data messages. The included GNSS receiver control and analysis software RxTools allows receiver configuration, monitoring as well as data logging and analysis.

The receiver includes an intuitive web user interface for easy operation and monitoring allowing you to control the receiver from any mobile device or computer. The web interface also uses easy-to-read quality indicators ideal to monitor the receiver operation during the job at hand.





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